E-Commerce Platform for SEO

Which E-commerce Platform is Best for SEO?

Suppose you decided to create an e-commerce store for your business. Searching on Google for an e-commerce platform to host your site that also offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to help you rank in search results is what you do. You are swamped with choices as soon as you press “enter.”

A well-optimized e-commerce website is essential to sell goods and reach the largest audience possible. The most obvious reason to have an online store is to profit from the worldwide e-commerce market’s explosive rise. More and more people are shopping online, especially in the last few years. One of the best things a company can do for itself is to open an online store. 

SEO for E-commerce

SEO helps e-commerce websites rank higher in search engines. Well-designed, optimized websites with high-quality content rank higher in search engines like Google, boosting store visibility and traffic.

In other words, e-commerce SEO optimizes your site to increase leads and conversions.

SEO for e-commerce websites is more than just adding keywords, site blog entries, and links, which is entirely different from SEO for content-focused websites. For this purpose, you require a working understanding of e-commerce SEO, Google standards, buyer intent analysis, and strategic implementation.

What can an e-commerce marketing agency do for you?

An E-commerce platform enables you to sell items/ services online. It enhances your website’s visibility with SEO so more people find it. Marketing tools on the platform let you promote your products. Some platforms even offer agency services to help your company develop faster. Overall, it’s a hub for companies to manage their online sales and services appropriately.

An E-commerce platform is like a digital shop where you can sell products online. It helps your shop appear higher on search engines like Google, employing SEO tactics. 

With marketing tools, you can publicize your products to attract more buyers. Some platforms also give agency services like extra helpers to make your firm more successful online. It’s a straightforward way for companies to simultaneously handle their online sales and services.

Best E-commerce Platforms for SEO

You should know how to start an e-commerce site and which platform is best for you. The best ecommerce SEO tools and techniques will be discussed in this article. There is no one way to analyze the best e-commerce platform for SEO. Many marketing agencies boost your stance in the online e-commerce market. 

Here are some of the leading platforms to boost your business in the online market:


Magneto is one of the most powerful platforms. It is customizable and helps any business sell products and services. Magneto helps you build and customize your site, too! This option to customize your E-commerce store to your liking is a perk. 

The main perk of Magneto is that it uses modern SEO-friendly techniques that secure you a spot at the top of the search engine. This modern marketing platform increases sales and lets you make new business clients. The only drawback to Magneto is that a person must have coding knowledge to build and customize their website.


Many people will advise you to focus on easy-to-use features to quickly build a website when you search for the best e-commerce platform for SEO. Shopify is one of the many e-commerce platforms that are great for people who are just starting and want to build their first website.

It’s easy to use Shopify. It’s one of the most accessible websites to set up. You can benefit your store by using one of Shopify’s many plugins. Users can choose a template to start their store and then add the necessary components. For those without coding experience, Shopify is a great platform

Although you can not change URLs, search engines use URLs to find web pages and figure out what they are about. Using Shopify has a lot of drawbacks..


One of the top e-commerce platforms for companies building online stores is BigCommerce. This digital e-commerce platform is easy for individuals who don’t code but want their business to rant at the top in Google searches.

You need something easy to design a site if you have no experience. BigCommerce is flexible and doesn’t require coding, making it a good choice.

The slow loading of websites is a significant drawback of using BigCommerce. A decrease in SEO ranks can result due to it. A slow load will result in less traffic and sales.

Practical example of E-commerce through online platforms

To give a practical example, consider Jane’s Boutique, an online store that started using Shopify based on its user-friendly features. Within months, they saw a significant uptick in traffic and sales, thanks to the platform’s SEO tools and strategic keywords in product descriptions.

According to a recent study, e-commerce sites incorporating user reviews and testimonials directly on their product pages see a 14% increase in conversions. Furthermore, Jane’s Boutique took advantage of Shopify’s marketing tools, running targeted ad campaigns that led to a 20% rise in repeat customers. This practical approach underscores the importance of choosing the right e-commerce platform and leveraging available marketing tools for business growth.

Why Consider a digital marketing agency for your E-commerce needs?

E-Commerce Platform for SEO

Online E-commerce platforms may be beneficial for you in more than one way. But they can also be a hindrance for you. Some platforms limit you from establishing your website because you must learn how to code. Those e-commerce platforms that do not require coding knowledge have other drawbacks that may result in poor ranking from Google on your website. 

What is the solution for this cause? Well, the solution to this is simple. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency that provides all these services under one roof. The best digital marketing agency will provide you with all the necessary e-commerce services you require so that you do not have to lift a finger!

Real World Example for E-Commerce SEO of Digital Marketing Agencies

A great example: Terra Gear, an outdoor equipment organization, saw online sales bounce by 30% in the first quarter after teaming up with a digital marketing agency focused on e-commerce SEO. The agency rolled out a detailed SEO plan that improved keyword use, got high-quality backlinks, and made the website more accessible. Their strategy included:

Keyword Optimization: They used famous, relevant product names and description keywords.

Quality Backlink Acquisition: They got links from well-realized sites related to outdoor activities to increase the site’s credibility.

Enhancing User Experience: They worked on making the site faster and more responsive on mobile devices.

A key to their success was creating content their audience saw as valuable. They posted articles and guides on picking the right outdoor gear, which boosted their SEO and established Terra Gear as a go-to source for outdoor advice.

“By focusing on what our customers need and offering valuable content, we’ve significantly increased our organic traffic and, more importantly, our sales,” said Terra Gear’s CEO.”


Before SEO:

  • Monthly Online Sales: $50,000
  • Monthly Website Visitors: 10,000
  • Conversion Rate: 2%

After SEO:

  • Monthly Online Sales: $65,000 (a 30% increase)
  • Monthly Website Visitors: 15,000 (a half increase)
  • Conversion Rate: 2.6% (up by 0.6%)

This story highlights the pivotal thought process of an SEO expert in a digital marketing agency. The services of an SEO expert for E-commerce are vital for further developing an e-commerce business’ visibility and sales.

Why Choose Digital OORT?

Digital OORT is the up-and-coming digital marketing agency that has also proven its worth for exemplary services in e-commerce for SEO. Through clever keyword placement, Digital OORT excels at SEO for e-commerce, ensuring that your service appears higher in search engine results. Customers can easily find what they need when we optimize your product descriptions and titles for maximum visibility. Most websites use URLs and metadata that are good for SEO, which raises their search engine score. Regular blog posts and content updates increase visibility and draw in more visitors. We also work on mobile optimization, ensuring users can browse easily across all devices. Digital OORT stands out as a top option for increasing online visibility and sales because of its strong emphasis on SEO techniques specifically designed for e-commerce.


  1. What is the purpose of having an online store?

The primary purpose is to set your business in the increasingly popular online/ e-commerce marketplace so that your service or product is at the top ranking.

  1. How may search engine optimization (SEO) benefit online business websites?

– This will increase the number of people who visit your store by making it appear higher in Google searches.

  1. What makes Magneto stand out from online stores?

– A To increase the exposure of your store, it uses cutting-edge store SEO techniques.

  1. What makes Shopify the best platform for my online stores?

– You may add additional features with plugins, and it’s straightforward to use, especially if you’re new.

  1. Is there anything negative about BigCommerce?

– The site’s poor loading speed is a known SEO killer and may drive away visitors.

  1. What are the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency for my online store?

Without the burden of coding or platform limitations, they provide all-encompassing services.

  1. Why is SEO important for an e-commerce platform

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for an e-commerce platform because it helps improve the visibility of the online store in search engine results. Higher visibility can lead to increased traffic, better user engagement, and higher sales.

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